Crop Simulator

  Crop simulator is a novelty in agriculture technology to provide forecasting, daily updates, reports, and notifications to farmers for better and advanced management & monitoring. It describes the process of crop growth and development based on weather conditions, soil fertility, and crop management. The simulator calculates the Time in which specific growth stages are attained, Biomass of crop components as they change over time, Changes in soil moisture, and Nutrient status. It also predicts the pest attack and provides solutions.

Key Points

  • Information on all crop management practices from sowing to harvesting
  • A complete report on each stage of the crop daily
  • Send weather conditions & management practices alert daily
  • The quantity and use of organic and inorganic fertilizers.
  • Irrigation schedules
  • Germination & maturity percentage
  • Yield estimation.
  • Timely preventions against diseases, insects & pests, and weeds attack.