Kissan Kollege

    Farmers can discuss their problems and get solutions from experts by using this service.

    As we know, farmers work vigorously throughout the crop period to attain maximum yield. They confront many issues over the season like climate change, fertilizer usage, limited water resources, and lack of awareness about crop management.

    This service aims to respond to agricultural and related issues raised by farmers and provides advice and support. Agricultural experts respond to registered farmers’ queries as soon as possible.

    We support and facilitate farmers to solve problems, attain skills and use technology to improve their livelihoods.

    With the help of this platform, the communication gap between farmers and research experts will be covered, and advancements will be achieved in the agriculture sector.

Key points

  1. Farmers community “آپ بیتی”
  2. Expert opinion
  3. Daily Posting on Stories
  4. Quick response
  5. Solution