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Remains committed to supporting farmers through variable rates and an integrated system and educating small landholders and progressive farmers in finding the balance between the need for plantation, attaining maximum yield, and preserving the environment.

Our Services

"Towards Precision Agriculture"

A Few Words About Us

Agronomics is committed to supporting farmers with a tailored and comprehensive application that includes access to sustainable markets, capacity building, empowerment, labor-saving technologies, promoting environmental sustainability, and economic development. Based on a sophisticated modeling framework using live weather data feeds, soil, and water analysis, the system will quantify daily status for risk analysis and provide guidance.


Research & development

Our teams are actively working on procedures that increase crop yield, improve farmland productivity, reduce losses due to disease and insect attacks, develop efficient crop management practices, and increase overall food quality.

decision support system

Our application provides data to farmers for weather forecast, farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling, machine guidance, crop survey, variable rate applications of fertilizer, pesticides, and seed and yield mapping.

Business Case Analysis

We are providing a business case analysis that will help farmers to decide which crop attains more yield in their region.

Geo-Statistical Representation of Vitals

Get to know about the geo-statistical vitals, agronomics has used to bring you the best possible analysis

Our Objectives

We are currently working on Location based suitability, Crop simulator, soil analysis, mandi rates, blog writing & crop production technologies. 

Location Based Suitability (LBS)